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Opening Hours

Mon    11:00am - 8:45pm

Tue      11:00am - 8:45pm

Wed     11:00am - 8:45pm

Thu      11:00am - 8:45pm

Fri        11:00am - 8:45pm

Sat       11:00am - 8:45pm

Sun      11:00am - 8:45pm

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Contact Details


                Woodside Square

  ( McCowan Road / Finch Ave E )

 1571 Sandhurst Circle Scarborough  Toronto Canada M1V 1V2


​Tel : 416-321-8899



Call us and reserve your table 

Our restaurant offers a  dedicated party area where you can host your party or gatherings suitable for any occasions. Celebrate with us now!

Reservation Hotline

訂座電話 : 416-321-8899